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If you’ve experienced a draft or leak coming from your ceiling, you may be in need of a roof repair. Baton Rouge residents can call on the professionals at By The Specs, Inc. for quick and efficient services. Our business values building relationships with customers, so we strive to make your repair experience as hassle-free as possible. We are dedicated to keeping you informed about the life cycle of your roof, and in doing so, we help you receive an honest opinion about the steps needed in its repair.

Your roof will go through various stages in its life, and it will only need replacement when it reaches the point of no return. At By The Specs, Inc., we thoroughly evaluate your roof’s condition and will never try to sell you something that you really don’t need. We offer free estimates with no commitment to us. Our Manufacturer’s Warranty and Workmanship Warranty are tangible warranties that guarantee effective installation of the repaired roofing system. These are transferable to the next homeowner if you decide to sell your house in the future, and they may come in handy if the home is ever in need of additional roof leak repairs. Baton Rouge residents can be confident in our services, as we give professional references upon request to potential customers.

At By The Specs, Inc., we use advanced technology as a way to accurately pinpoint the source of your roof’s repair needs. With the help of thermal infrared imaging, we can pinpoint leaks, the early stages of mold, and the source of the draft that’s affecting your home’s energy costs. In addition, we use 3D satellite imaging to craft detailed, digital reports as opposed to written estimates. Furthermore, when it comes to roof repair, Baton Rouge trusts By The Specs, Inc. and does so with good reason. Call us today!


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